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The Shore Road Mystery by Franklin W. Dixon is a novel about two boys named Frank Hardy and Joe Hardy. They get caught in a mystery to find their friend and their friend’s family. In The Shore Road Mystery, Franklin W. Dixon uses setting, characters, and suspense to make sure the reader stays engrossed. The setting created in the book has a major effect on the plot of the story. An example of how the setting affects the story is on page 132, “In an hour all the junk cars had been loaded onto the barge”. This shows that the body of water was a significant part of the story. If the body of water was not there, then the criminals couldn’t have smuggled the cars out of the city. Another example is shown on page 9, “A huge, bright-red produce truck pulled out of a dirt road directly ahead, entirely blocking off the highway”. If Bayport, wasn’t a place where there were farms, the produce truck wouldn’t have been there. It influences the story because if Bayport was a big city, then there wouldn’t be dirt roads. The setting of the story sets the stage to develop the story.…show more content…
On page 46 of the book, it mentions, “He snatched up the grenade and ran to the window with the deadly missile”. This shows that the character in the book, Frank, is courageous. Moreover, Frank entertains the reader because it creates suspense and keeps the reader occupied. The character entertains the reader on page 135 as Joe protects Frank by throwing a punch at a man with a piton. It shows that Joe is also courageous, like Frank. It entertains the reader because something exciting is occurring. The author does a great job of displaying the characters in a adventurous and exciting

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