John Green's The Fault In Our Stars

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Have you ever read a book, then watched the movie but yet, the movie was nothing like the book? The Fault in our Stars by John Green tells the story about Hazel and Augustus trying to get through the struggle that is, everyday life. To understand the differences and similarities between the Fault in our Stars book and movie it is necessary to take a closer look at the setting, characters, and plot in both versions. A comparison of characters in the book to characters in the movie reveals that there were changes made. One difference that was made from the book to the movie was the portraying of the character Caroline Mathers, Augustus's former girlfriend. "Maybe I was supposed to hate Caroline Mathers or something because she'd been with…show more content…
One difference was that Hazel never lets the little girl at the mall try her oxygen that she carries with her. Hazel was sitting in the mall waiting for her friend Kaitlyn and a little girl approaches her asking what her oxygen tank is and why she needs it. "What's in your nose?" (Green 3). Hazel lets the little girl try her oxygen for a little moment because then she suddenly is losing oxygen through out her body. Another very small difference that was made from the book to the movie was when Augustus and Hazel go to Augustus's house, they were never let to go to the basement by themselves, but in the movie they did. "I think we're actually going to watch it in the living room". His dad laughed. "Good try. Living room" (Green 2). The parents did trust Hazel and Augustus and knew they were both good kids but they just barely met Hazel and wanted to get to know her better before they made some pretty big moves, such as letting them both go in the basement by themselves. The differences between the plot in the book to the plot in the movie are important to know because you can figure out and understand what was changed or modified and why this
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