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Rome clearly has a better citizenship system than Athens. In Rome it is very easy to get citizenship. Both places have disadvantages and advantages though. Such as Rome gives citizenship to everyone including women, but Athens does not they only give it to men. Rome also have dictators that keep order in the land. They were known to be very strict and mean. Rome is also a large empire with many people, Athens is the size of a flea compared to Rome. All the people in Rome and Athens all participate in their city stats activities too, such as voting. Rome clearly has better citizenship system than Athens because of their easy way to get citizenship, many people participate, and the way they keep control. Athens was a strict-city state that barely gave out citizenship. They only gave it to men who were born in Athens. Athens was a small place located in Greece with only 300,000 people. On the other hand Rome with the population of 45,000,00 people, were more free willing to give away citizenship. Even people who were robed from their homeland by the Romans got citizenship. Athens was not this free willing and made people their slaves instead of giving them rights. The reason why Rome…show more content…
Each man in both Athens or Rome had to participate in their city-stats activities, such as voting. In Athens if a man did not vote he was called a beast or useless. They were also to serve their country if they ever went to war. Roman and Athenian woman were not allowed to vote, even though they had citizenship. Roman women were only allowed certain things, such as owning land. They were not allowed to hold public office or vote. Women didn't have much rights even if they had citizenship rights. People in Rome or Athens also had to attend assembly's or senate. They only had these assembly's to announce new laws, war, or etc. Rome and Athens both had many people who participated in their city-stats

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