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1. What was Holden’s opinion of his brother’s work in Hollywood? a. Holden does not like that D.B. is in Hollywood. He says “now he’s out in Hollywood…being a prostitute” (Salinger 2). His diction gives a negative tone. 2. Why was Holden leaving Pencey? a. Holden is expelled from Pencey because he is failing four out of his five subjects. The only one he is passing is English. 3. What evidence showed that Holden came from a wealthy family? a. Pencey Prep is a catholic school. Catholic schools along with prep schools cost a lot of money to attend. 4. Why did Holden go see Mr. Spencer? How did Mr. Spencer feel about Holden’s expulsion? a. He wanted to say good-bye to Mr. Spencer. Mr. Spencer also wrote Holden a letter asking him to stop by his house before he leaves. Mr. Spencer just wanted to give Holden life lessons that would help Holden. 5. What evidence showed that Holden was not…show more content…
Why was Holden offended by Ackley’s lack of consideration? a. Holden wanted someone to feel sorry for him because he lost the fight with Stradlater. Ackley never says that he is allowed to sleep in the bed, which annoyed Holden. 6. Why did Holden decide to leave Pencey immediately instead of waiting until Wednesday? a. Pencey made Holden feel “sad and lonesome” (Salinger 51). Questions for Discussion: 1. Why do you think Holden reacted in a violent way when his brother Allie died? Do you think his reaction was justified? a. Allie was the only person Holden cared. He was his brother that was intelligent, nice, and humble. When he died, Holden could not keep his mind together. He broke all the windows in the garage because of the death. It was not necessary, but it made him feel better. 2. What do you think might happen to Holden now that he has left Pencey? a. Holden will most likely get a beating from his parents. Back in the 1940s, parents disciplined their kids with physical violence. Holden might even be disowned by his parents for leaving. Writing Activity: Chapter 4 –

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