Mige And George In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Of Mice and Men is a novella written by John Steinbeck in 1937. Steinbeck gave us in this story a vivid view of the style of life after the world crisis in ninety twenty-nine; People were trying to survive by working in ranches. At the time, even Steinbeck himself was a traveler working in ranches. The story is about two characters who travel together, which was uncommon at the time. George and Lennie were totally opposites in character and their size of body and their capacity of mind. George was small and smart, while Lennie was huge and a sort of mind retarded. Both of them were runaways, because of Lennie who always causes them troubles wherever they find work. From their first day in the new ranch, they started to face problems because of Lennie’s actions and foolishness; the end of their adventure was tragic, when Lennie killed Curly’s wife unintentionally, George was not left with any choice but to kill him and save him from his misery. In this term paper, I am going to analyze some characters of the story and to what extent they were survivors…show more content…
George decided to be with Lennie even if he caused him trouble, because at the time people were in fear of each other and it was rare to find such an honest and kind friend with whom a person can share the thick and thin things in life. Furthermore, when George is alone with Lennie he can be himself without putting any mask. With Lennie George could be sometimes a little bit dreamy, when he narrates to Lennie about the ranch that they will own in the future, but if he did this kind of talking with anybody else they would think he is crazy or that he dreams too much. The end of this camaraderie was tragic, when George was left with no other choice but to kill

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