The Importance Of Inculturation

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Inculturation as a theological term refers to the incarnation of the Gospel in a particular setting, culture or tradition. When this is done, the culture and the faith embrace one another. There is integration and the Gospel then speaks the language of the culture and the culture permeates the faith. One can say that it is deepening of the faith using the cultural values and traditions of a people; values that are not opposed to what the Gospel preaches. The first inculturation is the incarnation mystery, while the second attempt at inculturating Christianity may be said to have taken place when St. Paul (though opposed by his fellow Jewish Christians), received the uncircumcised gentiles into the Church. The process of resolving the issue eventually led to the Jerusalem accord or the first council of Jerusalem. The various possible interpretations that could be given to inculturation have made some theologians not to be too quick in defining it. They rather choose to describe or explain it. Among them is Fr. Uzukwu, who at the beginning of his work refused to define it. His interest “is in designing a pattern of living of Christian community in Africa that pays close attention to African sociopolitical and religious resources as well as to the…show more content…
Christianity then begins to make use of the cultural values in speaking to the people, using their own culture and tradition. The major issue or problem with inculturation is that neither the Christian culture (which may be described as European culture) nor the African culture wants to get assimilated. Each wants to remain independent. It is also difficult integrating the two. That is why Mbefo talks of “cultural symbiosis” which is difficult to achieve. xxv He was not mincing words when he identifies the basic issues of the Christian faith and the tradition of the African people. For

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