Hofstede Model Analysis

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The Hofstede Model We observe the Appendix (1) these data can help ITG company how to carry out the workplace training, establish a good business environment, there are three dimensions of the ITG company must pay attention. First of Power Distance: According to the Hofstede (2010) definition, "This refers to the degree of inequality that exists - and is accepted - between people with and without power." Clearly reflects China has 80 higher than Britain and Germany, This stem from the history of China development by the Confucianism the value, the point of the value is a human relationship since from respecting parents, friends, and teachers to society. What it asks is that everyone has to do it himself and offer it for others. From the family…show more content…
Individualism/Collectivism: “This refers to the strength of the ties that people have to others within their community” (Hofstede, 2010). The high IDV score indicates that the interpersonal relationship between people who are not core "family" is weak. In collectivist society, people should be loyal to their own collective and the group will defend their own interests. Obviously Britain and Germany are high IDV, simple metaphor from the individualism to see a child, from an early age to "I" based, my toys, my room, are my privacy. Emphasizing the meaning of independent individuals " Only Britain is more important than Germany. Germany developments in the 18th and 19th centuries was very backward. The bourgeoisie andintellectuals' political claims have obvious duality. Advocate enlightenment, but against the radical revolution. This position and attitude, the Germany liberalism and nationalism in…show more content…
Invisible is the attitude, for example, the United Kingdom does not like the invasion of privacy, but the Chinese people like to build a relationship with a colleague so will like to talk more your background. at 80 higher score The two dimensions of the individualism of UK have been proved. Habit: to understand the behavior of each person, such as the Chinese people's hard work, the English have wonderful sense of humor. But do not understand the beliefs of nations, such as the superstition of the Chinese people, the prayer of the British, because there is no reason and motive. Values: German direct expression, do not know to hurt others. The British dare to speak to destroy the boss、subordinate relationship. Chinese humility will not refuse to bear too much

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