History Of Canada's Traditional Family Culture

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“There is no such thing as The Canadian Family. Membership in a family, the activities of those members in and out of the household, and the relationship among members varies with economic conditions and also with regions, historical periods, social class, sexual orientation, race and ethnicity.” Unlike America, Canada is a country where diversity is more than just a political buzz word or guilt inducing statistic; it is a proud staple of the culture they know and love. Their outlook as a society (especially unique in today’s individualistic minded era) view their historical disparities and inevitable cutlural differences as opportunities to come together rather than vindications to divide. With many aspects of Canadian culture so deeply wound into the very fiber of Canada’s past, it’s no surprise that family - while all unique and incomparable by their own right - is one cultural value that still holds true today.…show more content…
This is when the notion of a “traditional” family found its home in North America. It was in this era that the idea of the husband working, the wife/mother at home, the kids at school, and no other relatives or non-dominant family members living in the house not only became a universal norm in Canada, but was popularly regarded as an ideal or dream worthy concept, and has stayed relatively unchanged until only recently. Extended families relationships with the nucular family today are quite similar to the way they were when these traditional families first started poping up, the only difference being that living under one roof was almost unheard of until recent

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