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Your history is what makes you so you need to first understand it before you can proclaim it. In Alice Walker’s Everyday Use the understanding and knowledge of history plays a big role in the characters. The speaker of the story, who is the mother, lives off of her history and is proud of where she is from. The daughter Dee however does not understand the history as much as she thinks she does. Then there is the other daughter Maggie, Maggie has lived her whole live scared of a past memory and is unable to move on from it thus freezing her in time in a sense. The speaker and Maggie are living on their own while Dee is out living life in the city. The understanding of history plays a big role in the conflict of Everyday Use. The speaker and…show more content…
When Dee asks if she may have them we hear something fall in the kitchen as well as the sound of a slamming door. The speaker then tells Dee that she already promised to give the quilts to Maggie when she is to get married. Dee then goes off on the speaker saying that Maggie will not treat them right, she will actually use them where as Dee will “hang them”(Walker 477) and make them a decoration. Maggie at this point is now standing at the door and says to her sister Dee that she can have them. When Maggie says this, the speaker looks back at Maggie and we are told that the speaker got a feeling “like when I’m in church and the spirit of God me and I get happy and shout.”(Walker 478). This is the turning point of the conflict in the story; the speaker then grabs the quilts out of Dee’s hands and puts them on Maggie’s lap. When the speaker does this Dee immediately storms out and goes to her car. While the speaker and Maggie walk out as well Dee looks back and says, “You just don’t understand.”(Walker 478). The speaker answers back with “What don’t I understand.”(Walker 478). What Dee says next is the most ironic part of the story, Dee responds with “Your heritage,”(Walker 478). This one part of the story is so ironic because throughout the whole story Dee did not even know her own heritage and now she is going to call someone else

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