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Scipio Africanus Scipio Africanus was a famous Roman general. He came from a wealthy militaristic family. He is remembered for his defeat over Carthage, and the Roman senate’s injustice to him. Historians do not know much about his childhood. Scipio was loved by the people and hated by the senate. Scipio Africanus was not only a famous general who won many battles, but also a man who influenced Rome greatly. Publius Cornelius Scipio was Scipio Africanus’s real name. He had the same name as his father, and his mother’s name was Pomponia. Scipio was born into one of the five great families of Rome. Military careers ran in his family. His great-grandfather, grandfather, and father were all Roman consuls. Scipio married Aemilia who was the daughter of Aemilius Paullus. They had two sons named Publius and Lucius.…show more content…
Scipio led a charge of troops that allowed his father to escape, when he was surrounded. Scipio like his father was trained for military leadership. He quickly moved up through the ranks and was a military tribune at the battle of Cannae. Scipio continued to move up despite his young age. Even though he was too young, he thought he should be able to be a curule aedile because the people loved him. Scipio only held the public office for a year. Since Hannibal attacked the roman allied city of Saguntum, he initiated the Second Punic War. Rome needed a general, and the senior magistrates were too scared to lead a defense. Scipio’s father and uncle were killed in the battle, so Scipio wanted revenge. He was given command over the entire army. This was the first time in Rome’s history that a privatus was given this much power. Only Magistrates like consuls and praetors were supposed to have that much power. He was loved so much by the people and the army, that he was given more power than any one man in the Roman

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