Heroic Code In Beowulf

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In this epic poem, Beowulf and his followers display the idea of heroic code: The heroic code values strength, sacrifice, courage, bravery, hospitality, generosity, in kings and warriors, and good reputation in all people. In the poem of Beowulf, translated by Burton Raffel and Robin Lam, Beowulf and his followers are definitely considered heroes for what they did at the first tragic but at the same time successful battle with Grendel and Beowulf’s confrontation with the dragon as an elderly king. As part of the Heroic code, one can easily prove that Beowulf and his followers are heroes through their sacrifices and bravery, which are the most important aspects of the heroic code, for saving their people against the enemy. In the first battle, before Beowulf fights Grendel, one of the Geats sacrifices himself by pretending to be asleep and then being devoured by Grendel into pieces in order to distract the creature, showing heroic code. Because of…show more content…
Sacrifices such as these are always remembered by the people who were at those times in there and also for many years after it happened. Later, after the second battle achieving defeat over Grendel, providing peace to the people of Beowulf, a new enemy appears when he is seventy years old, and he gets in charge to confront it by himself once again. On the last battle, when Beowulf confronts the dragon, even though he s old, he still is being brave as when he was young. In line 490 of the poem, he shows his fearless mind: “…I’ve never known fear; as a youth I fought, In endless battles. But I am old now, But I will fight again, seek fame

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