The Pearl Motivation

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The Pearl: Motivation Motivation has many effects towards oneself. In The Pearl by John Steinbeck these characters make choices that might change their lives drastically. The decisions they make effect many around them, in both a positive and a negative way. What is it that makes the characters in the story that makes the decisions that they did? For instance, one of the main character Kino’s, motivation was driven by his basic needs of his family and his loyalty to the village. His wife, Juana, is aiding him. Finally the doctor driven by his greed and fortune. Kino's motivation is to protect and help his family. He led his family of Juana, his wife and Coyotito his son. When Coyotito was infected by the scorpion poison, he was motivated to save him and decided to demand the doctor to check up on him. There was no chance that he would check up on Coyotito. He became frustrated and hopeless not being able help his son. Another situation is when Kino is being tricked from the pearl buyers. The pearl buyers are not willing to pay for a higher amount because they know that it is worth more. So Kino was determined to go to the capital to get a fair pay.…show more content…
Juana knew that the pearl was destroying her family's life and wanted to throw away the great pearl. She decided that for the safety of her family's past to not be corrupted. She stole the pearl and "She burst clear out of the brush line and stumbled over the little boulders toward the water and then she heard him coming and she broke into a run"(58). She was caught by Kino and was slapped for stealing it. After a while Kino was assaulted by a man and killed the man and the pearl founded by Juana. She had an opportunity to throw the pearl away, but knew it was too late to go back to the past after Kino killed the man. So she gave the pearl back to Kino and began a new motivation to continue aiding
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