Henry's 'Henry In Red Badge Of Courage'

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In the Red Badge Of Courage Henry fought in the first battle and fled in the second battle. He reacted this way in the first battle because he was excited for the first battle. Henry and the other men had been staying in the same spot and not move for a long while. Most of the men were anxious to get into battle. Henry ran away from the second battle because when Henry had got to the battle field he and the men were caught off guard. Henry was no longer as confident as he was in the previous battle. He was also afraid to be left behind by the other fleeing men. Henry was excited for the fight before the first battle because the soldiers had not made any significant moves. Many believed they would never move. In chapter 1 it says “ He had been impressed that they were in sort of an internal camp.…show more content…
Also, Henry and the other men are anxious. In Chapter 1 it says, “He had of course dreamed of battles all his life”. When they finally arrive at the scene of the battle in chapter 3 , Henry is described as “ spell bound. “ Once in the battle, Henry is overcome by the heat of the moment. “ He suddenly lost concern for himself, and forgot to look at the meaning of fate. He became not a man but a member.” Henry was confident in his team’s ability and that is why he did not run. “ If he had thought the regiment was about to be annihilated perhaps he could have amputated himself from it.” When the second battle began, Henry and his men are caught off guard. Unlike the first battle, Henry is no longer as confident. In chapter 6 it says “There was a great uncertainty about his knee joints.” Henry decides to run when he sees other men beginning to flee. In chapter 6 it says “... shaken from his trance by this movement as if the regiment was leaving him behind”. Henry was afraid of being left behind. He was was overcome by fear so he ran for safety. Henry did not run from the first battle because he did not know what battle was like and had not felt the fear of losing
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