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Red Badge of Courage War, death, and pain are many things experienced and told about in the novel Red Badge of Courage written by Stephen Crane. Throughtout life everyone experiences death and pain but war is something many people don't. This novel is set in the time during the Civil War. The author gives you magnificent description of the images seen through the main characters eyes. His main characters who are Henry, Wilson, and Jim have many differences but not to many similarities. All three are in the same regiment and are all friends but, each one of the them have different backgrounds. Henry is a young and vain solider. He questions his courage and is now experiencing things that will scar him for life. Jim Conkin is one of Henry's friends and an important moral contrast to him in the novel. Wilson is a loud and sympathetic private in the regiment he also happens to be a very close friend to Henry. They would…show more content…
Excited is something Henry's mother certainly was not. His mother's attitude toward his enlisting was negative. She gave him i guess you would say some lead way on what to look forward to and what to watch out for. Her advice foreshadowed the main theme of the story by giving the reader and Henry an early indication on how its was going to be out on the battle field. She cares very little whether he earns an praiseworthy or heroic name, instead she tells him to meet his responsibilities, even if it means sacrificing hisself. She warns him that there will be bad men that will take advantage of him, so he needs to be careful choosing his company. She tells him the army makes people wild and goes on and explains in her words the importance of self preservation. Her advice gives you a great indication of the themes you're fixing to encounter later on in the story. Starting with Courage, then Manhood, next will be self perservation, and last that will be encounter with

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