An Analysis Of Kosal Khiev's Why I Write

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If life would no longer be based upon the perfections present and begin focusing on the imperfections present, society would be a completely different place; the world might even be a happier place. In the poem Why I Write, author Kosal Khiev writes grammatically incorrect because he simply does not fear showing his fallibilities. He also has no fear to show and tell society that an inadequacy can hold greatness, and strength, and beauty. His poem holds such strong meaning and great lessons, one just has to look past the imperfections and listen to the real meaning of the words he has strung together for readers. Initially, Kosal Khiev decides to have an unconventional use of grammar throughout his poem to grab the attention of readers and…show more content…
Upon the first time reading the poem, one will immediately notice that Khiev will use numbers instead of the actual spelling of the number; for example in the first stanza he says, “I write 4 men, women, and children.any 1 who ever felt alone, any 1 who ever felt disowned […]” (Khiev). The usage of numbers right in the beginning really shows the reader that it is acceptable to be unique in a society that is always trying to repair things which are not broken. Society may want to change personalities, but Khiev is telling the reader to never change for those who only are looking to destroy what is the only genuinely honest thing in the world. Khiev preaches to everyone, of all ages and genders; he wants the world to know that rules should be taken as guidelines or like the terms and conditions that internet users agree to, but never actually read. He also goes on to mention the “[…] momz and pops shops / struggling to stay atop cuz dopeboyz got the block on lock…show more content…
Love is something that holds many things together; it is a bond, much like dancing. When Khiev mentions two people doing the tango, he shows the reader what it takes to love. Dancing may not be second nature for everyone, it may be rough, but together the problems are conquered and thought out together; basically Khiev is subtly saying it takes two to rise to the top of a problem, whether the problem present be dancing or loving. Basically, he gives such a broad spectrum of where problems are present to show readers that anything is corrigible. Khiev’s entire purpose for writing this poem is to show readers that life is tough, but the only thing needed in the world is one other person to love and someone who will help you rise from the

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