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I used to… When I was an infant, I used to cry for food and use a diaper, but since then I have grown up to be independent. When I am hungry, I prepare a meal for myself and when I must empty my bladder, I find a bathroom, use it and even wash my hands. When I was baby, I used to throw my vegetable baby food because I did not like the taste. Carrots were my least favorite and peas my second. I preferred fruit over all vegetables. Since then I have grown up and now enjoy almost every vegetable. My palate has become well expanded and I now enjoy trying new foods. When I was a toddler, I used to stumble as I walked, grasping everything in reach to keep my balance. However, since that time in my life, I have learned to walk tall and strong, holding…show more content…
However, now use my brain more efficiently and think before I speak. I have since found myself in less trouble. When I was a pre-teenager, I romanticized adulthood. I dreamt of late nights past 9pm and explored in my mind recreational adult activities. I wanted to grow up, for no other reason than to get away from the rules. I did not like rules and always found myself breaking them for sometimes my own entertainment. Now, I wish I had spent more time enjoying my childhood, unaware of how soon I would be an adult. I now realize the words of my elders, “Stay a child for as long as you can”. When I was a teenager, I used to long for freedom and the opportunity to party with friends. I would beg my parents to let me go places and make sure all my responsibilities were complete, so that my parents would not have a choice but to say yes. Sadly I never got the freedom and party time I so badly wanted. Now I am on my own and live without my parents and realize that the party life I wanted was not as important or interesting as I wanted it to be. I realize that there is nothing at parties worth involving myself in and that with more freedom comes more

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