Differences And Similarities Between Islamic Empire And Abbasid

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Pulling it all Together The Civilizations Islamic Empire - Umayyad Dynasty: Empire that lasted from 661-750 and was ruled by the Muslims under Muawiya; they spread Islam into Europe and Asia; hereditary caliphate ruled by; fought at the Battle of Tours to spread Islam into Franks; Shia/Sunni split due to the treatment of Umayyads on non-Muslims= didn’t believe they were true caliphs of Muhammad Islamic Empire - Abbasid Dynasty: known to be one of the best cultural advanced areas at the time, with capital at Baghdad; first built off of trade; innovated in encyclopedias and mathematics; had a strong army at battles like the Battle of the Talus River; made paper money; excelled in learning/education wise; involved the Sufis, who were missionaries of the religion Islam and converted many; took civilization when Umayyad was falling apart by one of a descendant of caliph Abu Bakr; located in center for trade; Harun al-Rashid ruled for the golden period of the Abbasid ;Achievements in the arts = translation of Greek texts and respect of Classical and Hellenistic knowledge; innovated in math, medicine, astronomy…show more content…
Byzantine Empire: culture built of the Greek language; consisted of many diverse feudal kingdoms; all authority had supreme power; Justinian code was made to support arts and sciences; Hagia Sophia was a famous structure built; influenced by Orthodox Christianity; Constantinople renamed the center Byzantium after himself; Justinian was seen as the greatest ruler of the time, recreating all destructed provinces from invaders; the backbone of the empire were the laborers; emperor decided on the patriarchate; the Greek manuscripts of the Byzantine influenced renaissance; influenced their culture of that of

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