Heart Of Darkness Comparison Essay

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Among classic literature novels, similarities between main characters are often prevalent. The journey the characters take on is commonly similar to that of those in other novels, as well as the lessons learned. In the novel, Metamorphosis the main character Gregor undergoes a life-changing event brought on by an apple. Marlow, the main character in the novel, Heart of Darkness experiences a discovery of his true-self from an encounter with a snake. The common theme between the changes in the two main characters refers to the biblical illusion of Adam and Eve. Gregor is portrayed as the working class man who labors for the betterment of his family. As time progresses, the trials and tribulations that come along with his metamorphosis into a bug lead…show more content…
The apple alludes to the apple in the story of Adam and Eve. The bible depicts through the story of Adam and Eve that the eyes of all would be opened. In turn, that’s exactly what the apple in the novel did. The family soon after begins to conclude that Gregor is no longer of any use he is simply just an inconvenience. Furthermore, Gregor realizes his families true feelings towards him as well. He sees that he no longer can provide for his family because he can’t work; making him useless to them and that he is simply just taking up space. The illusion is used to characterize Gregor and his family; moreover, the same illusion is used to characterize Marlow. In the novel Heart of Darkness, Marlow, uses a metaphor to compare the river to a snake, saying that the “snake” charms him. This can be connected to the story of Adam and Eve in which the just as the river tricks Marlow the snake tricked Eve into eating the apple. The ability of the river to charm Marlow shows the evil within it similar to evil within the snake from the biblical story. In both novels, the illusion of Adam and Eve was used in order to characterize each
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