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Comparison: Amelia Streiffer and Melissa Wong Nearly everyone living in the United States today is related to someone who immigrated here or is an immigrant themselves. America is a melting pot of people that have different family origins, migrations of their families, and family cultures. Although Amelia Streiffer and Melissa Wong’s families both migrated to America, Amelia’s great-great grandparents emigrated from Romania and Switzerland around the 1890s while Melissa’s great-grandfather emigrated from China around the 1930s which resulted in a difference of languages spoken, food eaten, and holidays celebrated between the two girls’ families. Few similarities are shared between Amelia and Melissa’s families but one similarity is that their family members immigrated to America in hopes of having better futures for their family. Amelia’s maternal great-great-grandparents emigrated from Switzerland to the America around the 1890s and her paternal great-great grandparents emigrated from Romania to America in around the 1890s as well. Melissa’s great-grandfather, emigrated from China to America around the 1930s in hopes of a brighter future. Another similarity between Amelia and Melissa’s families is that they are both atheist. Amelia’s maternal great-great-grandparents renounced Catholicism…show more content…
Amelia’s mother was born in Inverness, California, and is of Swiss-Italian descent while her father was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, and is of French-Canadian and Romanian-Jewish descent. On the contrary, Melissa’s parents both immigrated to America. Her father emigrated from Hong Kong in 1977 while her mother emigrated from Guangdong, Taishan, in 1997. Amelia and Melissa’s family origins alone show a stark contrast between the two because their families originated from very different areas of the

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