Health Intervention Theory

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Behaviors plays a role in any given environment but what is important is how we control those behaviors of the environment. What can be established to help individuals understand their behavior in society and how it may affect them as a whole? Well in the article presented “Theory, Evidence and Intervention Mapping to Improve Behavior Nutrition and Physical Activity Interventions”, there was a debate regarding the proper use of theory in health promotion interventions. According to the Collins Cobuild English dictionary two meanings were given for the word theory. First, a theory is “an idea or set of ideas to explain something”, meaning it is based on evidence and careful reasoning, but it cannot be completely proved. Secondly, a theory is “an idea about something that is based on a lot of thinking but not on actual knowledge or evidence.” In this particular study researchers wants to prove that evidence plays into theory. Having this information, I would say that the first definition given for theory will appropriately suit this…show more content…
These mediators can cause individuals to go a different direction and effect their behavior overall which causes a problem if it isn’t positive. People are influence by their environment, people in it and things they act upon which alters their successfulness in behavioral change. In the article Intervention Mapping is mentioned, as in bringing about health behavior change. In the article it states that Intervention Mapping suggest specific steps that guide problem-driven development, application and integration of nutrition and physical activity behavior-theories.1 Intervention mapping proposes a systematic way to proceed from knowledge about behavioral determinants to specific change goals, and subsequently to intervention methods and strategies based on the production of intervention

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