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In 1887 the Bayonet Constitution was signed and it had created a major turning point for the History of Hawaii. The impact made on the society at that time was that they had stripped Kalakaua of most of his power and the hawaiian legislature got dominated by the business community who had used their power to their advantage and got the reciprocity treaty renewed for another 8 years to be tax free. The influence that the Bayonet Constitution had on today is that Hawaii the Hawaiian Monarchy is over and now the Islands are now apart of the United States. The Hawaiian league is a group of 13 members made of businessmen and lawyers who had thought King Kalakaua was corrupt and had wanted to take control of his cabinet to annex Hawaii. In Hawaiian History of the annexation of the Hawaiian Islands, the Bayonet constitution had a lot of impact such as economically, politically, and culturally which had a lot of impact during that time for instance how the Bayonet constitution had made King Kalakaua a puppet ruler by the Hawaiian league and the impact today is that Hawaii is annexed What caused this…show more content…
One immediate impact of the bayonet constitution is was that it reduced King Kalakaua into a figure head that didn't have much power.the executive power was placed into the hands of the cabinet( which the members of the Hawaiian League was in so they had control of the government. Along with this, the king's influence over the legislature and legislation was reduced by limiting the his government appointments and restricting King Kalakaua's vetoing power. Including the making the house of nobles become elective. This event had made an impact today because since the Bayonet Constitution was such a big turning point for the Hawaiian Monarchy,it is one of the reasons why Hawaii is annexed

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