Chapter Summary: The Most Dangerous Game

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As Rainsford awakened from a deep slumber, he began to recall the events of the night before. Rainsford rose from the plush mattress and gazed out the gothic windows. He saw that the latch was not secured to the window. On the courtyard below, the ominous green eyes looked up at Rainsford expectantly. There was no trace of General Zaroff left behind by the ferocious beasts that ruled the courtyard. Rainsford said to himself, “I have bested you, General Zaroff.” Rainsford descended the stairs and entered the dining hall. All of Zaroff’s servants and guards were buzzing with conversation as they discussed the general’s disappearance. The room fell silent as everyone noticed Rainsford’s arrival. They looked at Rainsford with frightened looks.…show more content…
You are all free now. It’s up to all of you what want to do with this godforsaken island. I’m leaving as soon as I catch a ship!” The crowd hollered with joy. They all ate a meal together before Rainsford left to start preparing for his departure. Rainsford decided to wait for passing ships and see if he could flag them down and be rescued. Calculating the best chances to be spotted by boats, he chose to wait at the exact spot he came ashore five nights before. The next day, Rainsford sat on the shore of the island where he once fell, soaking wet, and exhausted. The sun shined off the dingy blue waves that splashed against the somber sandy shore. As he sat patiently looking over the lapping waters, Rainsford began to see a small shape in the distance. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Rainsford spoke to himself, “The first day and there is already a ship passing by? Unbelievable.” As the vessel came closer, he began to realize that it was yacht. It had a familiar look to Rainsford. “Hey! Hey! Hey!” Rainsford screamed louder than he ever had. He waved his arms trying to bring as much attention to himself as he

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