Slavery And Mentally Abused In Solomon Northup

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Even though slavery is a brutal institution, it has many defenders. Slaves were cruelly treated both physically and mentally. African Americans were mainly the ones taken into slavery. Those taken into the abominable world of slavery worked vigorous hours in households, farms, fields, etc. If the slave did anything wrong, he/she was brutally abused and whipped by his/her master. Not only physically, but the slave was mentally abused. The slaves’ master would call them petrifying names, and turn them insane. For example, within the movie Solomon Northup, Eliza was mentally abused once taken into slavery under Mr. Epps. From her abuse, she became mentally ill and later died. However, many people like George Fitzhugh and Chief Justice Roger Taney believed in the right of slavery. Many defenders made arguments based upon the US economy, the Dred Scott Decision, and the slave’s own good.…show more content…
Slaves do a lot to make the economy progress. For example, slaves work long hours in fields in order to pick cotton, which is the South’s most important crop. This vigorous work of being in the fields is shown in Solomon Northup. In the movie, Solomon and other slaves would be pouring sweat while working long, hot hours in the fields. They would have to carry heavy things and pick cotton forever. Moreover, these textiles, once picked, are then shipped to the North in which they are manufactured into shirts, blankets, etc. Apologist, George Fitzhugh, believed that slavery cannot be destroyed. Without slavery, not only would the cotton economy collapse; yet, the tobacco crop would dry in the fields and rice would cease being

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