What Is Gladwell's Broken Windows Theory?

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In a chaotic environment, one can improve the environment and find happiness and freedom by being selfless. Gladwell introduces the Broken Windows Theory in his essay; he explains how broken windows will have a bad impression on one’s thought, which will end up more cracking windows. Gladwell explains “The criminal is actually someone acutely sensitive to his environment, who is alert to all kinds of cues, and who is promoted to commit crimes based on his perception of the world around him” (P156) According to Gladwell, a person’s character does not stay the same at all time. The surroundings are more influential and powerful regarding to people’s behavior. The broken windows environment happens when one only care about himself, and pay less…show more content…
Furthermore, being selfness allows one to be more joyful. Thurman explores the Buddhism’s idea of selflessness, and explains, “None of us knows who we really are. Facing that and then becoming all that we can be fresh and new, always free to be more, brave enough to become a work in progress, choosing happiness, open-mindedness, and love over certitude, rigidity, and fear - this is realizing selflessness” (443). Selflessness is an important key to marriage, friendships, and relationships. It is also an essential key to happiness and freedom. Selfless people allow themselves to realize their own wisdom, freedom, and happiness by being open minded and generous. Lots of people believe being successful is win over other, having power over others, or the ability to dominant others. However this type of happiness will not last long because no one is always welling to be a follower. People will be happier to surround by selfless people who are working towards the same goal and supporting each other, rather thane competing for survival. Happiness is difficult to achieve without truly understand

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