Capital Punishment Persuasive Essay

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Love. Up. French Fries. Rock On. Forgive Me Sir. Fishing. God. Mercy. Hang. Reaper. Villain. Soldiers, Fire! The likelihood of these words having a similarity are slim to nothing, except they do. This symphonic cacophony of words are all broken fragments of sentences said by a person placed and executed on death row. These statements varied erratically, ranging from displays of pure poise and elegance to divulging further into the outstretched arms of insanity. These statements have echoed and survived the miscommunicating mistress that is Time, and they continue to resonate throughout the present day minds of people. The main reason why is because of the fact that these people were sentenced to death by the supposedly just decision of the…show more content…
The death penalty is an unorthodox and twisted way of receiving justice in America, for it is not the right of fellow men to dictate the balance of life and death of one another and should be . Throughout history, people have created laws that should be obeyed and if not then they shall receive a punishment depending of the caliber of importance of the law they broke. The punishment that tends to strike fear into the very hearts of people is the threat of dying, otherwise known as the death penalty. Spanning from the ancient times of China and Babylon to the present day America, death has been used as a tool to control and domineer (Reggie). One of the first documents which had written laws and punishments for the people they oversaw was the “Code of King Hammurabi of Babylon” Koop 2 during the eighteenth century B.C. (Reggie). The death penalty was the punishment for twenty five different crimes; murder was not included. Other early documents in which the death penalty was included on would include the “Hittite Code” of fourteenth century B.C. and the “Roman Law of the Twelve Tablets” of the fifth century B.C. (Reggie). A few of the different tactics used at this time were ghastly, and included crucifixion, impalement, drowning, being burned or buried alive, and being beaten to death (Reggie). The

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