Hamlet Act 3 Scene 4

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Act Three Scene Four is a pivotal scene within the play. This scene presents Hamlet’s confrontation with his mother, Gertrude, over his recent decision to kill Claudius and his growing determination to revenge his father’s death. The scene begins with Polonius telling the Queen to be “straight” and direct with Hamlet and he- Polonius secretly will hide. Ironically, his inability to stay silent leads to his death. This scene in the play is important for a number of reasons, it gives great insight into the characters allowing the audience to fully comprehend each character. Secondly, it serves as a turning point for Hamlet as he makes his decision and plans his next moves. Evidently in the scene, Hamlet’s inner feelings and Gertrude’s personality…show more content…
Although his father is not present in perceptible form, Hamlet preserves a great amount of honor and love for him. His love for him is the primary motivation for his seeking revenge against Claudius. One of the key aspects of this scene, is the reappearance of the ghost. Hamlet treats it with respect and humble submission, almost as if he is scared of being punished. He begs for mercy since he has not carried out “the important acting of your dread command”. When the ghosts then commands him to take care of his bewildered mother and speak to her, he speaks to Gertrude asking “How is it with you lady”. Hamlet’s submission in accord with his father exhibits the great amount of respect he has for his father. In addition, although he spends much of his speech berating his mother, he also illustrates his adoration and tenderness to her. His firm words not only serve to express the upheaving fury in him, however, they help her realize her sins and express a change in heart. Once it is evident Gertrude is apologetic, Hamlet then attempts to seek her forgiveness for the way in which he spoke to her. After his several episodes of madness, bitter range and frustration, Hamlet sees Gertrude is finally understanding his feelings over her actions, his disdain for Claudius and his own rapid madness. After the ghost reprimanded Hamlet for speaking rudely to his mother, his instant change truly demonstrated his reverence towards his parents perhaps meaning Hamlet could have very well
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