Gymnastics Mentally And Physically Demanding Sport

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Gymnastics is one of the most mentally and physically demanding sports, and has become something that is admired around the world. The sport of gymnastics can be traced back to ancient Greece where it was used to prepare soldiers for war. The main military leader would teach all of the recruits skills that were very similar to the ones needed to be successful gymnast. The combination of strength, tumbling, flipping, and dismounting were key components to having a superior strategy in the war. Gymnastics became a prominent part of greek life, and the sport continued to develop and grow into something bigger than anyone could have ever imagined. Eventually other countries, such as the United States, began to adopt these practices and become an even stronger military.…show more content…
He developed all of the apparatuses, which are different and safer now than before, and helped establish the International Gymnastics Federation in 1886. In 2001 the “vaulting horse” was changed into a “vaulting table” due to a high injury risk. The coaches and the International Gymnastics Federation thought it would be the best way to stay clear of traumatic injuries. The sport was introduced as an olympic event almost five years after the federation was established. Because the sport was introduced in the olympics, and it became rather popular, there was an increase in the amount of gymnastics coaches across the world. Today for example, according to a college gymnastics website, there are over 80 recognized NCAA gymnastics teams throughout the united states. Most of these programs include head and assistant

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