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What is the guy code? The guy code is a strict set of rules between all guys. These rules have remained remotely the same over time. Guidelines that determine the boys from the men. Rules in the guy code cover everything from guys don’t cry, to don’t get mad get even. It is often said that the only difference between men and boys are the price of their toys. Even simplistic things such as asking for directions are against the guy code. Your level of masculinity is on trial by other men on a daily bases. Be a man! It is against the guy code to show that you are hurt or sad. Breaking this rule of the guy code can lead to brutal harassment, such as being called a wuss, wimp, and girl. This harassment could even lead to being labeled as a homosexual. Once out of the circle of guys,…show more content…
Guys will often tell their fellow men, “don’t get sad, get mad.” If not to that they will be told to get even instead. A man is expected to be tough, and seek revenge. It seems that the best way to describe this idea, would be that with anger comes power. This also is supported by the thought that nice guys finish last. “He who has the most toys when he dies, wins.” From actions figures as a kid, to cars and bikes as an adult, one thing is certain among guys. In a group of guys, the one with the most is considered the head of the pack. Whoever has the fastest car, the biggest truck, or the motorbike with the most upgrades has asserted his dominance within his circle of friends. One of the major factors of the guy code is that it is a test of pride, and masculinity. Getting lost and having to ask for directions is in the mind of most guys as a sign of weakness. Not only is your masculinity on trial between other guys, you will also trail yourself by challenging your pride. A man’s pride will cause his mind to only focus on one thing. This one tracked mind will cause a man to do things that are seemingly pointless, or

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