Benito Mussolini Hall Of Fame Essay

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Benito Mussolini should be in the History Hall of Fame because he made big changes in the history of the world. Even though he was a bad guy, he is a great person to write a paper about. He is a great person to research if you want to know about a dictator. Mussolini would be a great person to add into the History Hall of Fame. Mussolini was born in Dovia, Italy on July 29, 1883. Early on in his life from 1902-1904, he lived in Switzerland to increase his knowledge of Socialism. He resigned from the Italian Socialist Party’s official newspaper in 1914 and founded his own newspaper and called it II Popolo d’Italia. Mussolini served in the military until he was wounded in 1917. In 1922 he marched to Rome and forced King Victor Emmanuel III to appoint him Prime Minister. He declared a dictatorship in 1925. In 1940 he…show more content…
He declared war against Britain and France which exposed military weakness. This was followed by a series of defeats in north and east Africa and in the Balkans. Mussolini was overthrown by former colleagues in the Facist government. He was rescued by Germans and then installed as leader of a new government. Then he fled towards Switzerland and was captured by Italian partisans who shot him. Introducing Facism to Italy was a major contribution Mussolini made to history. He made a paramilitary facist movement in 1919. Mussolini allied with Hitler to prop up his leadership during WWII. He attacked Libya, Somalia, Ethiopia, and Albania. These attacks made Italy predominant in the Mediterranean region. Attacking these countries left Italian forces exhausted. Mussolini had one big religious ideal. This ideal was called Facism. He created Facism after being a Socialist. Facist ideology overwhelmed his common sense. Mussolini also created facist-minded air forces. He promoted Facist leadership positions and sponsored new army thinking in the 1930s. Bitter interservice rivalry crippled joint

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