Unexplained Movements In Annabelle And Annabelle: Creation

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When looking for a good ghost story, it's hard not to come across the tale of Annabelle, a possessed doll who tormented two girls in the early '70s. Dramatized for the films Annabelle and Annabelle: Creation, the story of this doll has become familiar to many, although few know the true story. The real doll, that stays locked in her protective case by Lorraine Warren, has a dark and chilling history. Unexplained Movements The story of Annabelle starts in 1970 in the home of a 28-year-old nursing student named Deidre “Donna” Bernard. As a present for Donna's birthday, her mother had given her a Raggedy Anne doll. While the doll was harmless enough at first, Donna and her roommate began to notice its unexplained movements around the house. When…show more content…
Upon seeing the doll, the Father tossed the doll aside, challenging its abilities. As Lorraine grew more and more concerned for the Father's safety, she insisted that he call her as soon as he returned home safely. Shortly after, the Father called to inform Lorraine he had been in a terrible accident. After losing control of his car and crashing, he was barely able to leave the scene alive. Although Annabelle is locked away behind glass, Lorraine Warren still tells a story that a young man who challenged the doll in their museum. The man, who was promptly warned and removed, died just hours later when he lost control of his motorcycle. While his girlfriend lived through the crash, she claims the bike lost control on its own. When asked later about the story the medium told, Ed and Lorraine have explained that spirits simply do not possess inanimate objects. What we see as a possessed doll, these experts see as an object being manipulated by something inhuman. The couple's theory is that the demon that had taken control of the doll was working its way towards gaining control of a human host. Had the Warrens arrived just two weeks later, Ed and Lorraine fear the girls might have met a fate worse than

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