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Was the sinking of the Titanic the fault of man By: There are many different claims as to whether the sinking of the Titanic was the fault of man, or of nature. Even though there are many people who believe it is the fault of nature, many can conclude it was the fault of man. Based on the information in A Night to Remember, by Walter Lord, the reader can conclude that the disaster was the fault of man. One justification to this theory was the faulty designs in the ship itself. The ship, being 882.5 feet long, 92.5 feet wide, and 66,000 tons, (pg. 148) probably could’ve maneuvered around the ice-berg if it was a little bit smaller. In addition, the bulkheads, only going up to E-Deck (pg.148), could’ve went up one deck higher, and then the water wouldn’t have over flowed into the other four-teen compartments after the first two flooded. The Titanic was travelling at 22 ½ knots (pg. 2) even after they had received many ice warning from many different ships that very day.…show more content…
The labels that were given to the Titanic by the crew, passengers, and press created a layer of beliefs. These beliefs caused the people aboard the Titanic to believe the ship was in zero trouble. Some of labels given to the Titanic were “Unsinkable” (pg.148) and one of the passengers said to another, “…God himself cold not sink this ship.” (pg. 36) The over confidence of the crew showed, especially in the radio operators. One of the operators, Harold Bride, yelled at an incoming ice warning and said, “Shut up! Keep out! I am working cape race!” (pg

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