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Guatemala Guatemala is located on the continent of North America also Guatemala is near; Belize, Honduras, Mexico & El Salvador. The capital of Guatemala is Guatemala City; the populations in Guatemala are dramatically increasing. The population increase unto 16,002,743 million; Guatemala are about the size of Tennessee but slightly larger and wider than Tennessee. In Guatemala when attending a business dinner always is loyal to your friends, family and your boss because in Guatemala being loyal is the number one thing to lead your business further in the future. While having lunch never correct your boss nor your family. It would be rude because they will fill like you know it all and your overconfident with you…show more content…
The crops they grow are coffee, sugar and bananas; these three are the most important crops that Guatemala have poured there heart out to grow. In Guatemala small village festivals are celebrated throughout the year. You can be lucky to catch up with the celebrations that Guatemalans do during holidays. On holidays Guatemala are best in fireworks so you should really get ready for that big event. During festivals alcohol is permitted in Guatemala but instead of the alcohol they use in America Guatemalans drink Boji which is a strong drink made from sugar cane. People normally call this drink white lighting. Traditional ceremonial meals of meat are the Sak ik which is a piece of turkey and an accompanying white sauce. When Guatemalans listens to music they just don’t listen to the old American country or rap; they play the woodwind chirimia and the drums. The king of all holidays in Guatemala is Semana Santa, or Holy Week. Celebrated throughout Latin America, Semana Santa is a collection of religious processions and plays the crucifer of the resurrection of Jesus. And in Guatemala you will find the most famous holy week of celebrations is Antigua. This is place Guatemalans made for holy week which have beautiful flowers, plants and pine straw, and they most of all cover the entire streets on that

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