Shi Huangdi's Legacy

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Shi Huangdi the man who united China had many great achievements and a great legacy. The legacy he left behind is clearly admired my many even after his death. Shi Huangdi has made an inspiration on the Chinese people. He was a fierce and threatening emperor and he captured more land to make China a great empire. He used the states rule before he became emperor to lead the Qin Dynasty. All the changes he made has greatly improved China’s policy and laws. Shi Huang believed that agriculture and being highly intellectual was the most essential things you can have in life. Shi Huangdi instructed an enormous amount of laborers to construct the Great Wall. The Great Wall protected them from many wars that surrounded them. The Terracotta Army is…show more content…
He believed in a perfectly ordered kingdom tied to tradition and the past. He also valued learning and being a scholar. In his view, the state resembled an enormous family guided by the correct behavior of the rulers. The ideal leader ruled by compassion and not force. They must avoided war while caring for the poor. A ruler who failed to set the example of the greatness which a ruler can have for his subjects would lose the Mandate of Heaven and his reign would end in complete disaster. Shi Huangdi also favored another school of thought, Legalism. The Legalists believed that people were basically motivated by self-interest and therefore had to be controlled by a strong ruler and stern…show more content…
Shi Huangdi then asked people to move to the recaptured land and develop it just like the empire to its south to make China even greater. Shi Huangdi knew that the Huns would return one day so he ordered the construction a defensive wall which would join the already built wall systems that was created by the past kingdoms. Starting in the west the wall extended in the east to the yellow sea. From east to west, it extended the length of 1,400 miles it was the largest continuous wall system of its time. Tens of thousands of people were sent to build the Great Wall as well, he sent Shi Huangdi sent over 500,000 soldiers to protect the wall however the wall did not do much to stop the Huns who paid the guards or burned their way through the wall. The Great Wall wasn’t as effective as Shi Huangdi had dreamed it would be however and future dynasties had to continue maintaining it. The Great Wall however is still a testament to the power of Shi Huangdi. It is the only monument that can be seen from

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