Growth Mindset Compare And Contrast

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Many people say smart and dumb is a thing, but to scientist and teachers is a different story. To them, their is two different mindsets many people have or don’t have, depending on their progress, grades, and behavior they have by giving them multiple test’s. A growth mindset and a fixed mindset are the two mindsets scientist found in students by how they behave, by their progress, and by their grades in school. A growth mindset is more different to a fixed mindset and focus more on progress and effort. Growth mindset is making new connections in the brain, a willingness to fail, and the knowledge that effort bring success. A growth mindset can make new connections by challenging themselves with difficult task and problems. A growth mindset is also willing to fail and keep trying by practicing the subject they failed on in order to get better at it. A growth mindsets effort can rise up because of their hard working nature, meaning they get better grades, higher test scores, and motivation in school. Research shows that during 7th grade, they found that students with a growth mindset were more motivated to learn and gain effort, and outperformed those with a fixed mindset in math (…show more content…
Growth mindsets are good at solving complex questions some people can’t solve. Another good thing about a growth mindset is that their progress rises when they study well. A growth mindset also has confidence, meaning they don’t worry about how difficult the question is and try their best to solve the question. That mean they aren’t afraid of failing a test or assignment. A person with a growth mindset would be Albert Einstein. Even though he failed many times, he still didn’t gave up and kept trying. “It’s not that i’m so smart; it’s just that I stay with problems longer” - Albert

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