Mental Health Care Of Prisoners: Article Analysis

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The articles, “Improving the mental health care of prisoners”, by Alexis Warrilow and “Improving access to psychological therapies in prisons”, by Andrew Forrester, Frances Maclennan, Karen Slade, Penelope Brown and Tim Exworthy both address the issue of mental health care in prison. The perspective of both clearly states that is measures were improved in prison to deal with mental health problems; we would have least reoccurrences when prisoners are released from jail. The research problem being addressed is whether public official can overcome the sigma of prisoners not being a part of the community, so why should we spend all the money on these issues. These articles both make compelling points, but the general attitude of the public…show more content…
Then there’s the idea that criminals use mental health to justify crimes committed. Throughout the general public there is this attitude that ignores the topic of mental health in prison. It is clear from the abstract of Warrilow that there needs to be more focus and structure on this matter. The author starts by discussing the problems that occur without proper mental health. Suicide rates are much higher among prisoners with mental health problems. Mental disorders seem to be occurring at an alarming rate in today’s society. If there was proper evaluation of prisoners before going to jail, an access and proper treatment could be administered. Forrester et al. believes that prisoners suffer more because of the lack of support from important people. The access to healthcare is limited because they are incarcerated. Prisoners deserve the same health…show more content…
Warrilow had an outlined plan for tackling the mental health issues in prisons. Forrester et al. touched on the major problems of mental health issues in prison, but didn’t outline a solution. The minute you get to the second page of the article by Warrilow, you know exactly where it’s headed. The article by Forrester et al. would engage its audience more if it included a step-by-step plan that prisons could implement. Both articles make prison seem more like a landfill, a place where you just take your trash or in context mental health issues and leave them there without a resolution. I would have to with both articles that there is a need for more mental health resources in prison. Not everyone imprisoned is a killer; some just have minor offenses that put them there. If they are suffering from mental health issues that hinder them from functioning normal, they deserve

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