Master Harold And The Boys: Balance Analysis

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Balance is important and allows people to have boundaries of all sorts. Balance also allows for the many parts of the body to work together. For example, the power of the brain is balanced by the importance of the heart. Without one, everything will end in Chaos. This important concept which is displayed in Master Harold and the boys. This idea is represented by a kite made by a black waiter, Sam. This kite symbolizes balance because to make a kite the maker needs to balance the sticks and create symmetry between the two sides. Without symmetry, and good balance, the kite will not fly properly. This idea is shown throughout the book through the relationship between Sam and Hally, Dance partners, and Hally’s relationship with his mind. Balance…show more content…
A dancer needs balance because he needs balance the amount of pressure applies to how fast he wants to move around the dance floor. Also a dancer must act as 2 halves and balance each other mistakes and help each other improve their dance. They must also act together to flow with harmony through the song. This idea is first shown by Hally when he learns about the significance of dance. As Hally questions them, he starts to write about it in his homework. He then asks if dancers “stumble or bump into somebody[each other]”(44). Then Sam responds “there are no collisions out there”(45). This is an example of how the two dancers are balanced and create harmony with their milieu. However, Hally shows the opposite example of balance when he says that in life no one “knows the step ”(51). In the scenario, where no one knows the steps, there is no balance and harmony between the partners causing them to mess up. Another example of how dancing requires balance is shown by Willie. This is shown by Willie when he enters the dance competition with Hilda. During the beginning of the book, he goes and beats up his dance partner because she did not keep up. He was very angry at first, with his mind in pure chaos. However, during the end of the book he says “I[he][will] find Hilda and say sorry ”(60). He then starts up the jukebox. This shows that he has gotten balance between his and Hilda’s mind, and he will

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