Great War Causes

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As most people know the Great War was sparked on June 28th, 1914 when Franz Ferdinand and his wife were assassinated in the capital Sarajevo, but what not many people know of is how it all played out as countries picked their allies and subsequently their enemy’s. The killer was Serbian which brought Austria-Hungary to declare war upon Serbia in a feudal attempt to solve its problems. From here on out it all escalates and becomes what we know as, World War I. As tensions arose sides were starting to be chosen, Germany encouraged this aggression as part of its own plan for creating a German-dominated Mitteleuropa, or Central Europe (Europe in the Contemporary World, p. 130). Russia mobilized to support its ally Serbia and then France mobilized to fulfill its…show more content…
Britain followed its allies France and Russia into war against the Central Powers, Germany and Austria-Hungary, when Germany invaded Belgium on its way to defeat France. As you would think with these many super powers fighting that the war wouldn’t last that long because of the immense man power of each side but this was shortly proven wrong. As the War begins the movement of troops started, years of idol military’s armies were ready to test out the buildup of new weaponry, but these new weapons were still mixed in with outdated military strategy which lead to not only the length of the war but also the high number of casualty’s, an example of this is that in the 1st three months of battle there were already more than 1.5 million casualties on the western front alone. On the eastern front the Russians basically just threw man power at the Germans. They sent 12 million people but the catch was that Russian wasn’t as modernized as the other countries so their success was shortly lived. Back on the western front, two sides faced off along a line stretching from the North Sea through Belgium and northern France to Switzerland, millions of soldiers were dug in parallel lines of trenches (Europe

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