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Apocalyptic Comparisons: The Judgement Scenes in Daniel and Revelation Apocalyptic writings in the bible generally serve as revelations about the end of the world. As asserted in Hendel’s The Book of Genesis: A Biography, “the central idea of apocalypticism is that God has granted a revelation about the imminent transformation of the world” (64). The purpose of apocalyptic writings then, is to provide comfort during a time of crisis and assurance “that the evils of the present era will come to an end, and a once and future paradise will reappear” (PAGE!). The Book of Daniel and Revelation in particular, are examples of writings in the bible that contain apocalyptic references. Considerable amounts of parallelism exists between the two biblical texts of Daniel and…show more content…
There is substantial evidence that shows correspondence between the judgement scenes of both Daniel and Revelation. A close examination of these two texts reveals that the story depicted in Daniel 7 elaborates on the judgement scene that is portrayed in Revelation 4 and 5. Revelation 4 begins by describing a vision of a throne-room with a celestial voice offering to give the author, John, insight to what will take place “after this,” referencing to what will occur at the end of the world (Revelation 4:2). The throne room in the beginning of Revelation 4 portrays a main throne encaptured by a rainbow on which the “one” is seated. There are then twenty-four elders wearing white robes and golden crowns whom are sitting on thrones around the main throne. The robes in which these divine elders are dressed in are white, the symbol for purity and an implication of holiness. The divine

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