Government Policy Of Assimilation Case Study

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What are some of the main reasons that the federal government’s policy of assimilation failed? Some of the main reasons that the federal government’s policy of assimilation failed was because of several reasons such as the way the Native American’s lived, their cultural differences amongst different tribes, the attitude towards the Native Americans and the government promises that were made. Native Americans lived in various ways, such as the way they depend on the climate and their surroundings, the importance of food, making clothes and building houses was very significant to them. Native Americans lived on the Great Plains and they ate many different varieties of food such as the meat of the buffalo, beans and squash, deer, berries and they gathered many nuts. Marriage had started at an early age, for girls it was 13-15 and for boys it was…show more content…
They were very quiet, humble people who had patience and work very hard for what they needed in their life or tribe. The Native Americans were very patience people as well, but this had changed when the white settlers came in and tried to get these people out of their land. The Indians welcomed these white settlers because in their belief sharing land had been acceptable, but many problems led to this when the white settlers settled in. The white settlers coming in with their horses, which were new to North America had influenced greatly on the Indians because these white settlers had killed many of the buffalos. This meant the Indians did not have enough food for them, which was not good. The white settlers had brought a disease, which had killed many of the Indians and eventually started taking their land away. By taking their land away, they made the Indians move out from their homeland and this had cause a

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