Persuasive Essay On Daniel Murders

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On Easter of 2011 a fourteen year old boy by the name of Daniel Bartlem murdered his mother, Jacqueline Bartlam, in their Nottinghamshire home. It was a late afternoon when Daniel took a hammer and began deliberately hitting her in the head with it as she was asleep. Leaving his mother dead in seconds. After the vicious attack not knowing what to do Daniel dragged her mother’s body into the living room where he began to pour gasoline on the remains of the body and set it ablaze as he fled the scene with his clueless younger brother along side. Investigators began questioning Daniel about the homicide of his mother as he lead authorities to believe that a burglar intruded the home and started gruesomely beating his mother and then progressed to light her on fire. After some time of investigating police saw holes all over the story, leading to Daniel’s arrest, unfolding the truth as he confessed to the crime. Daniel spoke out and stated his motive for the murder was from an argument that occurred in the afternoon when things got heated between the two. Another trigger for the attack was said to be from his love for violent films and video games. After proceeding to trial,…show more content…
Thus meaning we should try rehabilitating the youthful so their brain isn't filled with so much clutter, causing them to possibly becoming insane. On top of that if all young criminals are sent to adult prison, they will verbally and physically abusing turning into sexual abuse ultimately polluting the young minds into being bad out of anger, pain and peer pressure. When released from prison how much more dangerous will they

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