Google Recruitment Process Analysis

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Question 4 Steps involved in recruiting process, interview the manger of position to obtain about position .obtain job description , recruitment planning, strategy plan development. Send out advertisement to external or internal .Send documents via mail or hardcopy, screening so that short listing can begin. Techniques of recruiting the most appropriate receptionist. Prepare a questioner on competences and score candidates accordingly. Interview and use question to determine the safe skills the position on the job competency testing [put candidates on a switchboard as part of selection process test skills and response to dummy phone call } To see the facial expression while talking to customers and listen skills ,fluently language that…show more content…
The company does not use work experience as a major criterion for selection. These criteria are based on the firm’s goal of maximizing improvement to support its broad differentiation strategy. There are different processes used for the selection of applicants at Google. However, in general, the company’s selection process involves background checks, introduction screening, on-the-job tests, and interviews. Google’s human resource management uses different procedures and steps for the various positions in the organization. For instance, on-the-job tests are generally used for positions that are more frequently filled through interest of interns and trainees. Google’s Employee Retention Programs Google’s compensation packages are the main HRM tool that the company uses for retaining high-quality human resources. The company’s compensation packages are competitive and above average. For example, Google provides high salaries and wages. In addition, employees get free meals and other incentives and benefits. The typical design of the company’s offices emphasizes fun and creativity, which attract and retain creative and innovative workers. Google’s human resource management uses coaching and mentoring to retain and develop employees with leadership…show more content…
Process of appraisals. The manager has to create performance standards, communicate the standards and expectations, measure the actual performance compare standards with performance discussion has to take place while providing feedback and the decision making has to take place. Question 7 Maslow’s Hierach of needs theory. The instructor of this theory is Sherri Hartwell a business and communication tutor at he college. security, respect, thirst and hunger can motivate a person in case of taking actions. There is also an internal pressure that can influence a person behavior like self-esteem and is a vital tool that can make a person to believe in him/herself trust and self-respect. SAFETY NEEDS It is simply called love and belonging that the employee should feel free and acceptance in the organization. So that employees must not feel that they are ignored, isolated and depressed. working as a team is important that can ease employees to feel free to reveal they problems and get help or guidance from the manager or co-workers, that will encourage friendships, co-operative team and to know each other

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