Primary Elections In Texas

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The United States has many different kinds of elections due to the democratic process. On a national level there are the elections for president and vice president. In Texas, there are elections for various offices in the legislative, executive, and judiciary branches of government. The elections vary from state and local levels. Texans vote for any amendments to the state constitution as well. Elections are an important part of our government allowing the public to have a say in the people who represent them and also how the government should run. In Texas there are many types of elections such as primary, general, and special elections so there are many ways for the citizens of Texas to have a role in the democratic process. First off we have the primary elections. These primary elections determine the party’s nominee for the general elections. They are ran by the particular political party and jointly funded by both the party and the state. Both political parties hold primary elections in all of Texas’ 254 counties. These counties are broken up in voting precincts based on population for residents to vote in the primaries. To win a primary election you most have absolute majority meaning they must have more votes than all the other candidates combined. If absolute…show more content…
General elections are held between the democratic and republican nominees who each won their primaries. It is also possible that an independent or even a minor party candidate be on the ballot for the general election. General elections for state officials are held on non-presidential election years so that presidential candidates don’t influence the outcomes. These elections are held usually in November but some elections for positions like city council members and school board members are held outside the traditional early November election time. Municipal elections take place in May sometimes resulting in extremely low voter turnout for these general

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