What Is The Relationship Between Romeo And Francesca's First Kiss

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The statue called “The Kiss” by Auguste Rodin is about the passionate love between Paolo and Francesca, who were slain by Francesca’s outraged husband. They fell in love while reading the story of Lancelot and Guinevere, the book can be seen in Paolo's hand in the statue. The statue shows the moment they realize they are in love with each other and share their first kiss. “The Kiss” is one of Auguste Rodin's most famous works and was completed in 1886 in white marble. Auguste Rodin was the leading sculpture of the nineteenth century. We can see movement and energy in this sculpture by the way the two are intertwined. I think “The Kiss” is a great sculpture! It portrays a love story between two people that could not be together and in the end they end up losing their lives because of it. Paolo and Francesca were buried together after their death. I believe that Rodin was trying to tell the love story in this piece. I think he uses a nice shape and texture for this statue. The subjects of the statue are very well picked, it is a love story. The content makes me feel like I am actually there with Paolo and Francesca watching the lovers as they are about to kiss. If you look at the statue closely you can notice that Paolo and Francesca’s lips are not actually touching, as if they were…show more content…
Both statues show a kiss of some kind, and represent love between a man and a woman. I would say they are more different than similar. Rodin’s sculpture shows two actual people that lived at one time, while Brancusi’s sculpture is not really of a particular person. Brancusi’s version of “The Kiss” is very abstract. Rodin’s sculpture is a very realistic version of a kiss, it is a naturalistic work. One of the sculptures is made out of white marble while the other is made out of solid limestone. Some might say that Rodin’s work shows the feelings of love while Brancusi’s expresses the idea of

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