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Freda Buzo M. Eng.101/Dr.Sands 844 words 1 October 2015 GMO Foods GMO Foods are unsafe and most of us consume this on a daily bases. Genetically modified organisms in food don’t taste the same it has all these chemicals. It’s just not safe to eat, GMO foods and local farm markets are at a different cost. GMO foods eventually cause some health issues because of so much that they keep adding chemicals to foods. GMO foods don’t taste the same compared to foods that are GMO free. Therefore “While chemical composition impacts how foods taste, significant variation in taste occurs from season to season, across varieties and, most notably, in how fresh the food is.” (gmo answers), stating that by putting GMO in crops season to season it changes the…show more content…
Organic food is supposed to be GMO free and is less expensive imagen the cost at a local farmers market. In sprouts market you get apples for 88 cents the pound in the local farmers market called best farmers market they you can get a organic harvest box of fruits and vegetables for $30.00, which is much more expensive since they offer everything in one box . Why want food that is not going to taste good because they have experimented on it to change the flavor. Yes it is cheaper but it would be worth wasting the money to buy from local farmers market to get the real taste of what real food really…show more content…
For some tastes, like sweet, it is the presence of sugars that elicits a specific taste. Others tastes, like savory, are determined by levels of the amino acid glutamate. But often it is a complex mixture of components that results in a particular distinctive flavor of a food or food ingredient. While chemical composition impacts how foods taste” (gmo answers), therefore the fact of adding chemicals the smell of it changes the taste. When biting it you are smelling the vegetable or fruit making it taste very different them a fresh crop would taste. Keeping the same composition gives it the same appearance but doesn’t necessarily mean it will taste exactly the same. At a local farmers market the appearance is the same and the taste is the same. Taste and smell are a main part of enjoying your food you might say “well this peach taste so bitter for some reason” because it has Gmo and it changes the taste smell and cost of it. The negative of this is that at a local farmers market it will be too expensive and won’t be able to purchase it. As stated the crops that have GMO don’t taste good the only thing I see positive in this is that GMO foods that are sold are inexpensive and is good for those that don’t have the money to purchase true organic

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