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Why do you want to participate in Global Outreach? I want to participate in Global Outreach because I want to help others and feel like I am making a difference, as well as learn about different cultures. I want to help others because I believe that if you are lucky enough to be fortunate, you should give back to others. I also believe that helping others is not only beneficial for them, but for you as well because you learn and are able to feel like you are contributing positively to the world. I also think you can learn a lot about different cultures from helping others and the things you learn can help you see the world in a different way. The four pillars of Global Outreach are simple living, social justice, community and spirituality. Please discuss a pillar that you see as personally challenging and share an example of how this pillar has challenged you in your own life.…show more content…
I think that it is easy to be passionate about wanting to make a change, but it can be harder to figure out how to make a change. I think that there are probably numerous things in my life that I feel strongly about, but am not sure exactly how to approach the issue constructively. For example, homelessness is something I hate seeing, but I am unsure how to help the homeless long term. When I did Urban Plunge, we handed out meals to the homeless, which was awesome, but I couldn’t help but think that they would have to eat again in a few hours and where would their next meal come from? So for that reason, I think social justice is something that is easy in theory, but harder to actually

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