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Arlington “Arlington, this place of so many memories, is a fitting place for some remembering. So many wonderful men and women rest here, men and women who led colorful, vivid, and passionate lives.” (Reegan). Arlington is a place where fallen soldiers who died in battle or soldiers who have served get buried in remembrance. World War II was a very scary and dark war. The soldiers who died in this horrific battle were kept resting in this cemetery because of their bravery in the war. Many things have been built for the public for people to see like the WWII memorial. They made this for all that fought or that died during the Holocaust. The Arlington cemetery wouldn’t of ever become what it is now if George Washington would’ve never adopted his son. This cemetery has been used for 100…show more content…
The Third Infantry is also known as The Old Guard (Ashabranner). Guards take 21 steps and pause for 21 seconds to represent a gun salute and repeat (Ashabranner). Requirements to be a guard for the Tomb of the Unknowns. Some of them are being at least 6 foot tall, learn to handle a rifle,trim weight, have there outfits on time and ready and must have a perfect military record (Ashabranner). They have many duties as being a guard. They must Provide Protection For nation's capital during emergencies, be responsible for conducting all funerals in Arlington and the most important is guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers (Ashabranner). Females who help out at the funerals are called The Arlington Ladies. They keep family members from going through the funeral alone ( Bredar, John B and Frankie Faison). People get emotional when they see the changing of the guard cause it's such a honorable thing to do. The guards walk 21 steps for hours to honor the fallen soldiers and this makes veterans so emotional and happy because they are honoring the ones who've died (Bredar, John B and Frankie

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