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American Colonialism in The Martian Chronicles Human nature calls upon man to expand their territory as far and wide as physically possible. It is only natural, then, that Americans want to be the “biggest” and the “best.” Even so, mankind must be mindful of those who are already there, whether the being is human or animal. Throughout the individual stories of The Martian Chronicles, Ray Bradbury denounces the American ideal of colonialism and the dream of “manifest destiny,” in the hope that Americans will recognize their own greed and selfishness. By clearly allowing the history of Mars to parallel the history of North America, Bradbury attempts to force mankind to recognize their evil actions and behaviors. Before the people of Earth came…show more content…
Once upon a time, the city of Allensdale, California was populated and lively. People lived and played in the house described in “There Will Come Soft Rains.” However, after the people disappear as a result of the war, the house continues functioning in its daily duties as it had before. Bradbury compares it to “an altar with ten thousand attendants… but the gods had gone away, and the ritual of religion continued senselessly, uselessly (167).” Despite all of the technology the family incorporated into their lives, it is now completely fruitless, as there are no people to service. In addition, technology has only served to buffer human ego. The technology of the house tried to save the burning house, in order to preserve the human achievements. As Americans spread across the continent of North America, they bring along their ideals and achievements, only to have the forces of nature eventually overtake them. California, the end goal of the American dream of “manifest destiny,” is affected by the war and peace, as much as any other place in the United States. With the fall of California, Bradbury is showing that these types of dreams that are conceived of by human greed cannot flourish. The poem “There Will Come Soft Rains” asserts that when man falls, nature will flourish. However, in The Martian Chronicles, man appears to have taken down nature alongside themselves. Due to radiation from the war, the land is completely barren, which has an adverse effect on the animals, as well. Although nature seems to have the upper hand in the conflict, both sides are charred and defeated. It is only due to the regenerative aspect of nature that allows it to come back again. Wherever man goes, only destruction can follow, both on Mars and on

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