Out Of Africa By Aa Dinesen Analysis

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Experiencing different cultures, customs, and beliefs can often affect ones view of themselves and the world around them. The Narrator in Out of Africa by Isa Dinesen experiences changes such as these. What begins as primary accounts of events with very little emotional interjection, slowly morphs to give us a glimpse of what feelings our narrator might be experiencing. Further character analysis provides insight into her emotional journey, subsequent flaws, and ultimately the permanent changes she may have experienced as a result. Our novel opens with vivid descriptions that introduce us to the landscape on the Narrators farm at the foot of the Gong Hills. For the majority of this work, Dinesen uses this same tone when describing other scenes and events. The primary role of a true storyteller is not neglected in recounting the events. No color, texture, or fine detail is left un-described. We get insight into the author’s personality through interjection of her own ideas and beliefs. The first example of this occurs early on in the text. She says, “I was filled with admiration for my coffee-plantation, that lay quite bright green in the grey-green land, and I realized how keenly…show more content…
One of the earliest examples of this is alluded to through her idea that certain inhabitants, European or Native, are able to connect with one another through their natural aristocratic attitude. She unapologetically embraces her attitude, which occasionally can come across as elitist. This is off set, however, by her progressive actions. She is a known sharp shooter and enjoys hunting wild game. Past times such as these would have been odd for a woman to practice in these times. Her go-getter philosophy is also evident through her account of leading a train of wagons across treacherous terrain during World War I. To further convince us, She mentions that most women were hiding in their houses at the

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