Comparing Rwandan Genocide And The Holocaust

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Ben Bauman March 14, 2015 English 9 Ms. Hayes Genocide Comparison On April 6th, 1994, a terrible genocide in Rwanda was initiated. The reason behind this is an airplane holding a Hutu president was taken down, and was most likely not even taken down by the same people who were persecuted after this. Almost immediately ensuing this, the Tutsis, the Rwandan ethnic minority, were thought to have been the ones who took down the president’s plane by the Hutus, the Rwandan ethnic majority, which created large hatred and tension between the two groups. For the next three months, almost 800,000 Tutsis were killed by the Hutu militia. The Rwandan Genocide began 34 years after World War II, or the Holocaust, where Germans were killing off Jews. These two events, the Rwandan Genocide and the Holocaust, were similar yet different in multiple ways.…show more content…
In the Rwandan Genocide, the Hutus wanted to purify the country by getting rid of the Tutsis who were referred to as “cockroaches.” The Hutus believed the Tutsis were “cockroaches” because throughout history the Tutsis held higher power in society, even though the Tutsis were only 10% of the population, which led to hatred, jealousy, and the blaming of all the problems in the country. The Nazis wanted to purify their country by getting rid of “thieves, murders, and all around criminals so they felt the need to kill all Jews.” The Nazis felt that the Jews had ruined Germany. Both the Holocaust and the Rwandan Genocide had hatred that built up and led to the wanting of racial

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