Examples Of Manhood In Macbeth

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In the play Macbeth, written my Shakespeare, there are an infinite amount of themes that someone could find while reading it. In the play, the main Character Macbeth decides to make some drastically bad decisions because his wife questions his manhood. He didn’t necessarily want to do those things, but he felt like he had to do it just to prove that he was a man. This idea is still very prevalent today and you can see that at any high school you go to. A group of guys will often pressure one of their friends into doing something they don’t want to do by questioning their manhood and calling them a pussy. In the play, Lady Macbeth often questions Macbeth’s manhood by saying he isn’t man enough to become the King of Scotland by killing Duncan. In the play Macbeth, Lady Macbeth often questions Macbeth’s manhood and three witches also question his manhood. “Only look up clear, To alter favor ever is to fear. Leave all the rest to me.” (Page 336, Act 1 Scene 5, Lines 72-75) this statement by Lady Macbeth quite clearly demonstrates the idea that she doesn’t think he is a man. She thinks that he is too scared to have the balls to kill Duncan and take the throne. Lady Macbeth says that he is too…show more content…
This is the very painting of your fear.” (Page 370, Act 3 Scene 4, Lines 61-62) this quote includes Lady Macbeth telling her husband that he can’t even face his own fears. They are talking about Macbeth killing King Duncan and all of the newfound pride going to his head. Now that he is Thane of Cawdor and King of Scotland, he thinks that he can do whatever he wants and there will be no repercussions. She says that he doesn’t have the balls to face the consequences of his own actions. Which is quite ironic because she is basically the one who made him kill Duncan, and that is what started this whole chain of events that is going to leave Macbeth with nothing. Clearly, Lady Macbeth continues to manipulate her husband however she pleases and he just lets it

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